Welcome to our website for our church family. This is a new platform for us to be better connected with each other. This is a place where we can find encouragement and direction from God’s Word, and hope as we navigate through these challenging times.

We will be meeting for worship Sunday’s at 9:00 am.  We will be using the Friendship Center for our main part and using the Church as an overflow. 

We will post the messages on this site, and you will be able to watch them when it best works in your schedule for those of you who are unable to join us or for those who wish to hear the message again.

Message From Our Church Treasurer

During this time of restriction about gathering, you can send your tithes and offerings to the church mailing address; Adams Community Church, PO Box 34, Adams Oregon, 97810.  The church continues to support our missions program, and take care of ongoing overhead. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness and for the fact that our church is in good financial condition, and thankfully,  without debt. But during this time of restriction, we want to continue to be faithful to the Lord,  Thank you for your faithfulness,  

Sincerely ~ Dave Richmond, Church Treasurer

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