Message From Our Pastor

From a shepherd’s heart ~

Welcome to our website church family. This is a new platform for us to be better connected with each other. This is a place where we can find encouragement and direction from God’s Word, and hope as we navigate through these challenging times.

We will post the messages on this site, and you will be able to listen to them when it best works in your schedule. Eventually, when this ban is lifted, we will join together again for a great reunion and celebration together. In the meantime, we have to be creative in how we come along side each other, and bring encouragement.

This is a time to reach out and check on each other. A quick call, an email, even dropping a card in the mail, can be a gift to others. Birthdays and anniversaries ~ call them and sing them the song. The important thing is for us to keep our spirits up, and to strengthen one-another as we walk this path together.

I hope you will keep a journal along the way, to remember what you have learned through this season of restriction. We have so many promises from the Lord through His Word, that will become points of comfort and strength in this journey. Don’t think for a minute that this caught the Lord by surprise. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can happen without His sovereign purpose being interwoven through it. He is totally trustable. He has never failed. He cannot fail, ever! He knows how to get us through this challenging time. He knows the way, because He is the way! He is completely faithful to His character and divine nature, so that we can work our way through this time with joy in our hearts and abundant peace as we go.

I believe that we will discover that He brought us to this time so that we can grow for His glory. So, don’t despair, or give in to fearful thinking. Our God is an Awesome God and He’ll bring us through this for His glory!

If you feel a little lonely, grab your church directory and reach out to pray for someone.Ask the Lord to show you who might need a lift. Then maybe share a verse that has blessed you.

Often times when we feel lonely, God is allowing us to feel His heart, and how He feels when we don’t take time to talk to Him. Just tell Him how much you love Him and how grateful you are for the gift of salvation. Sing a love song to Jesus. Sit in His presence and practice Psalm 91 ~ you’ll be amazed.

Remember, the best is yet to be because our best days are ahead of us, not behind us.

We love you ~ Duane and Janice

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